30. Int. Jännerrallye 2013

New year started and the first big Motorsport event is here. The 30th international Januarrallye in Austria. It is the start of the Austrian Rallye Cup, the Czech Rallye Cup and the European Rallye Championship. Because the IRC was cancelled for this year, the ERC is the new big thing. Also because the TV channel Eurosport pushes now this event.

It was the same as last year. There are only two places in Austria, where always snow can be found. The Grossglockner and the Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. The temperature was about zero degreee Celsius. The wind was very strong. I was hiding behind a forest for less wind. And it was raining and snowing a little bit. At this rallye snow has to be, because rain can be found on all the other events through the year.
I visited the Superspecial 2 at the Action Zone 10 and the service park. The service park was a little bit empty, because I was there at a wrong time when all the cars where outside. I made all the pics with the Canon EOS 7D. Most pics with the 24-105 lense and some with the 16-35 lense. All were taken with a longer shutter speed around 1/150s. I like always to see the dynamic of the cars. Of course you have more pics for the bin, but the digital bin is very big!