Big Travel 2011 – Day 12:Back home

Summer holiday 2011 – Day 12: Back home

Day 12: Back home

On the way back home. After so much different landscapes and towns in Croatia a last visit of Zagreb. Only to see, how beautifull this town is. Afterwards a comfortable trip back home.

So, after nearly two weeks in Croatia what to say about this country? It’s wonderfull! First of all the different landscapes. Even on one isle you have so much different types. Stone deserts like an mars, forrests, stone or sand coast lines. The same in the countryside. Brown and dry nature or green and wet sides. Villages which are so friendly looking and on the other side the ghost towns, which are destroyed by the war. there is so much diversity and we visited just a little part of this country. The same with the food. Excellent sea food at the coasts and good traditional food in the country. For an austrian it’s like beeing at home, but better. Okay home is home. Croatia is nearly home. Only one negative point. Everyone is very slow. Never expect to be treated like in an austrian or germany restaurant. Everything is more stressless and not so fast.

At the end of our big travel 2011: If you never had been to Croatia, go there, fast!!!

Zagreb Zagreb


Zagreb Zagreb


Erzberg Erzberg

Eisenerz, Erzberg sunset

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