Big Travel 2011 – Day 3:Rijeka

Summer holiday 2011 – Day 3: Rijeka City Tour

Day 3: City Tour through Rijeka

After a day beeing lazy on the beach of Opatija, just a little walk in the town and a big lunch the time has come for a visit of Rijeka. Because of the sun, which was shining directly into the hotel room, it was necessary to start the day early with some pics of the sunrise in Opatija. Then going to Rijeka by car. It is a quiet nice city, but a little bit too much industrial. There are not much touristic buildings in the town. Important is of course the harbour with all the fishing boats and the market with the fresh fish directly from the sea.

In the late afternoon we went into the Ucka mountains, which are directly behind Opatija. Too much trees to get a good view of the Kvarner bay, but a really nice area with a big forest to get away from the sun.

Opatija Opatija

Sunrise over the hills behind Rijeka.

Opatija Opatija


Opatija Opatija

A fisher went to work in the sunrise.

Rijeka, St.Vitus' Church Rijeka

Old church in Rijeka.

Rijeka, Marine Museum Rijeka, Torpedo Launchpipe

Inside a torpedo launcher.

Rijeka, City Museum Rijeka

Sculptures at the city museum.

Rijeka, Rijeka

„Modello“ Palace.

Rijeka, Hafen Rijeka

Harbour of Rijeka.

Rijeka Rijeka

Level at a ship.

Rijeka Rijeka

To make a picture.

Rijeka Rijeka

Reflections in the water.

Opatija Opatija

Sunset at Kvarner bay from Opatija.

Opatija, Ucka Opatija, Ucka Gebirge

Church in the Ucka mountains.

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