Big Travel 2011 – Day 6:Rab, the other side

Summer holiday 2011 – Day 6: Rab Day 2

Day 6: On the hills of Kamenjak

On Rab you find one higher hill (about 400m). We had to try to get there for a big view over the island. The east side of the island is very different. Rare plants and trees and very much stones. It must be like on the moon or the mars. Some sheeps are running around, but are very in scare of human beeings. And of course very windy. It was the start of the Bora, the yearly winds in croatia. On the top of the hill we found very much stone sculptures. We think this could be out of the legend of the shepherdess Draga. Who converted to stones out of the love to Kalifront.

It was very interesting to see, that the island is so complety different between the east and west. This make the island very diversity.

Rab, Kamenjak Rab


Rab, Kamenjak Rab

Draga stones on Kamenjak


Rab, Kamenjak Rab

Plants on Kamenjak


Rab, Kamenjak Rab

Black and White tree on Kamenjak



Rab, Kamenjak Rab

Stree up to Kamenjak



Rab, Lopar Rab

On the street to Lopar



Preview Day 7: Rab, stormy day

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