Big Travel 2011: Whole journey

Summer holiday 2011 – The whole journey in one blog

Finally holiday! After so much months of working two weeks holiday. I heard very much stories about the wonderfull Croatia. But i never could accept or reject this. Out of this we had to make a big visit to this country, which so much people had visited before.

We split our holiday into three parts. This means we visit three differents parts of the northern side of the country. We want to see more of the country and not only one hotel or beach. this is our type of holiday. For every day, a blog post was made. This means that twelve posts were made. I needed this time because of the big amount of pics we’ve made in the holiday to sort them out. So you will see the best of the best.

Day 1: Through slovenia

To have no bored trip to Croatia we made a stop at Postojna to see the famous cave. I’ve visited this cave with my parent long ago. Those days we spoke about Yugoslavia. No mention about the fall of comunism and the great wall. Unfortunatly people today are not so comfortable like before. „It’s not allowed to photograph“ the whole time, but big groups and taking pics without a flash made it a little bit easier to hide.

Day 2: City Tour through Opatija

Reaching Opatija, we checked in at our hotel for the next three days. On this day relaxing was priority one. I don’t like sleeping in the sun, but relaxing under a sunshade and reading a science fiction book and listening to good music is okay. Only one problem on the beach. Sun reflections from the water. This was enough for a sun burn which was hurting for the next week. So, on the sea always be prepared for too much sun. Even if you don’t except it. In the evening we stroll up through the old city of Opatija. A town which was built in the time of the Austrian monarchy.

Day 3: City Tour through Rijeka

After a day beeing lazy on the beach of Opatija, just a little walk in the town and a big lunch the time has come for a visit of Rijeka. Because of the sun, which was shining directly into the hotel room, it was necessary to start the day early with some pics of the sunrise in Opatija. Then going to Rijeka by car. It is a quiet nice city, but a little bit too much industrial. There are not much touristic buildings in the town. Important is of course the harbour with all the fishing boats and the market with the fresh fish directly from the sea.

In the late afternoon we went into the Ucka mountains, which are directly behind Opatija. Too much trees to get a good view of the Kvarner bay, but a really nice area with a big forest to get away from the sun.

Day 4: Via Krk to Rab

The first stage is finished. The second is going to be the isle of Rab. So, there will be a nice trip alongside the coast. First once more through Rijeka and further to the isle of Krk. All streets from Rijeka to Krk were made new, so the navigation system of the car had some problems, but we found the way without the highway. On holiday no highways needed. There is so much coutry to see on streets beside.

Krk is a wonderfull island which is connected to the country with two bridges. So it’s very easy to get there. Nice towns and villages between the coast and the central of the isle. The isle is very green and on some places it’s really looking like the Toscany or South Tyrol of Italy. Some areas are crowded by tourists and shops which want the money of the tourists, but in the central the life is much more comfortable and not so busy like in the towns at the coast.

Afterwards we drive back over the bridge (no toll, when driving back!) and along the coast to Jablanac to get the ferry to Rab. We were glad, that the main season for tourists was over, because seeing the kilometres long waiting area for the ferry we got a little bit scary. But only a handfull cars and bike wanted in the evening to the isle. Dinner in our guesthouse was good and Croatia is a paradise for every austrian „Palatschinken“ enthusiast.

Day 5: Pausing the first day on Rab

The first day on Rab we paused. Just a little walk through the town. So, only three pics of the town of Rab.

Day 6: On the hills of Kamenjak

On Rab you find one higher hill (about 400m). We had to try to get there for a big view over the island. The east side of the island is very different. Rare plants and trees and very much stones. It must be like on the moon or the mars. Some sheeps are running around, but are very in scare of human beeings. And of course very windy. It was the start of the Bora, the yearly winds in croatia. On the top of the hill we found very much stone sculptures. We think this could be out of the legend of the shepherdess Draga. Who converted to stones out of the love to Kalifront.

It was very interesting to see, that the island is so complety different between the east and west. This make the island very diversity.

Day 7: A stormy day on Rab

Today we wanted to make a boat trip around Rab. We were up early and full of expactations for the trip. But nothing happens. Nothing, but air, too fast air. To stormy for the trip. Not for the boats or people of the boats, but the tourists. They knew, that too much tourists won’t have much fun. The sea was too turbulent. So, what to do an this day?

We went to Lopar to see the coast at this side und afterwards rests some hours at a beach. In the afternoon we went along the forest of Kalifront to see the sunset. Unfortunatly too much clouds. On the day before we hade no clouds. Also not good for an excelent sunset pic. But excluded the cancel of the boat trip it was a great day. Not so hot, because of the winds.

Day 8: The last visit of Rab

This will be the last day on the isle of Rab. The Bora winds are strong and the temperature has fallen. We visited a last time the coast of Kalifront and in the evening the town of Rab for some delicious sea food. It was a nice time on Rab, but we feel very interesting visiting the countryside of croatia.

Day 9: Through the countryside

The Bora winds were quite strong and the sea was very turbulent. Some long ferry lines were not operated. We had no problem with our ferry. The ship was one hour too early and we got a place quite on the end of the ship. To close the ship our car had to be lifted and there was possibillity for me to get out of the car. But we got back to the main country earlier than expected. On the whole coast line the winds were very strong. Also on the streets from the coast up the mountains to the countryside. Our street had to be closed and checked by police, before we were released to go there.

But finally we got into the inner Croatia. At the end of the summer everything is brown. There is not much water in this area. The war in Yugoslavia is about 20 years away, but in this area much buildings remembers you about this bad war.  Ghost villages or broken buildings which are used for animals or only by nature.

Arriving in Plitvica is like another world. There is very much water, it’s green and everything is clean for the millions of tourists.

Day 10: Plitvica in the fog

Plitvicka Jezera! What a wonderfull natial park. This is really a must see of Croatia. Never was in such a wonderfull landscape. So much waterfalls, lakes and quiteness except the hundreds of tourists. It was a foggy day. But nevertheless this landscape is also wonderfull even it would rain the whole day. There are very much routes you can walk around and good transits via water and land with ships and busses.

On the first day of our two day visit we walked around made ambient pics. It was quite easy because of this awesome landscape.

Day 11: Plitvica flowing water

The second day at Plitvicka Jezera was specially for long time exposure photography. Running around the whole day with a tripod and very much grey filters on the camera. See the results, we love them.

Day 12: Back home

On the way back home. After so much different landscapes and towns in Croatia a last visit of Zagreb. Only to see, how beautifull this town is. Afterwards a comfortable trip back home.

So, after nearly two weeks in Croatia what to say about this country? It’s wonderfull! First of all the different landscapes. Even on one isle you have so much different types. Stone deserts like an mars, forrests, stone or sand coast lines. The same in the countryside. Brown and dry nature or green and wet sides. Villages which are so friendly looking and on the other side the ghost towns, which are destroyed by the war. there is so much diversity and we visited just a little part of this country. The same with the food. Excellent sea food at the coasts and good traditional food in the country. For an austrian it’s like beeing at home, but better. Okay home is home. Croatia is nearly home. Only one negative point. Everyone is very slow. Never expect to be treated like in an austrian or germany restaurant. Everything is more stressless and not so fast.

At the end of our big travel 2011: If you never had been to Croatia, go there, fast!!!

Here the whole journey in pics.

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