London Day 1: Sightseeing

London Day 1:  Sightseeing

No big travel for this year. Just a longer weekend in London. Some important points to photograph and maybe lots of other great stuff to see. The first day is for a main sightseeing tour through London. We only saw some points, but never had a overview of London.

We started at Victoria station to meet relatives from Austria for sightseeing. The first position was a photograph point at the station. I used a fisheye on the camera with a tripod to make long exposure pics. then a long walk to the Tower and Bridge, Parliament and Picadilly Circus. In the afternoon we decided to take a Hop-On-Off bus through the city. A big mistake. The guy who sold the tickets told us, that the busses are driving throughout the night. Not true. We were pissed. Buy tickets for puplic transport and a book. Thats really enough!

After the lunch we decided to make some pics of the night. Very cool skyline here in London. Old city, modern city, a good mixture. We got very tired. Next time more rest before the night.