Project Light and Shadow

Normally I take photos on situations like happend. No studio, no theater, only actual situation. This was one of the rare situations I needed pics for a specific topic where I has none. So I took the camera went for some specific pics. It was like going to a photo marathon.

The first pics were taken at the Jauerling hills. It was a wonderfull weather at the boarder between fog and sun. This made a cool atmosphere out of the sun, a good light and partly fog.

Panorama of Dürnstein

This panorama of Dürnstein was taken out of three pics, which were merged afterwards with Photoshop Elements. Unfortunatly I missed the church of Dürnstein at the left behind a tree. For the next time, the church will be also on the pic.

The last pics were taken in a hall. The shadow pics were made with counterlight. The very last picture is out of five single pics. Only the shadows were copied into the picture with the little cat.

Finally the whole gallery.

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