Vienna Underground Railway Part 1 – Stations

Inside the stations of the underground railway in Vienna.

Thanks to the Advanced Photographer Mag! Inspired by articles of Sean Batten and Del Barrett we visited Vienna for a whole day and only the underground railway system of the town.

The topic of this day? Use if possible only a fisheye and try very much HDR pics. Go smooth, no stress. The first part are pics from inside the underground stations. Walkthroughs of the undergrounds. The underground of Vienna is a little bit different to London. Not so much ways inside a station. Everything is very compact. In London you can walk hours within the same station. Narrow ways to hidden exits. Compared, in Vienna the stations are huge. But there are also stations nearly 100 years old and stations which are nearly one month old. Old and modern architecture through the town.

See in the next part: „Details inside the stations“