Vienna Underground Railway Part 3 – Trains

Trains of the underground railway in Vienna.

Thanks to the Advanced Photographer Mag! Inspired by articles of Sean Batten and Del Barrett we visited Vienna for a whole day and only the underground railway system of the town.

Of course all the underground stations are no museums for older or modern architecture. They are for the public transport. So different types of vehicles are in and around the stations. The first pic was a bus going through a underground crossing of the station Heilgenstadt. Because it’s the end of the underground, very much busses starting here for the suburban Vienna.

At the station Praterstern also trams can be photographed. You can see the older ones and the totally modern low-floor vehicles. I like the older ones more, because they have more character and a face.

Back in Heiligenstadt in the evening we saw an old steam locomotive. I think with the vehicles it’s the same like with the stations. 100 years of history within one line. This is what we like!

See in the next part: „Outside of the stations“