Vienna Underground Railway Part 5 – Black and White

Black and White pics of the underground railway in Vienna.

Thanks to the Advanced Photographer Mag! Inspired by articles of Sean Batten and Del Barrett we visited Vienna for a whole day and only the underground railway system of the town.

This is the last part of the day in Vienna visiting the underground railway system. Black and White photography has always been an important topic to me. Pics with very much or very less contrast. HDR pics are showing details, which you never could imagine in real.

the busses through the underground crossing, the architecture at Stephansplatz or Praterstern, the HDR of the Stadtpark station. I like those styles. I’m very proud of the picture in the station Museumquartier. I was inspired by a pic from Del Barrett and wanted to copy the style. It was a bit tricky placing the camera on the ground and waiting for a underground. Telling the girl not to move the feets. We needed three undergrounds to get a nice shot.

I really like foto marathons. You have a topic and you have only a defined timegate to make the pictures. But without beeing busy and having a great topic and greater themes is much more nice. We definitely are going to repeat this next year. So much stations still left for us. So much details still missed! This 6 euros for the daily card of the Vienna Public Transport (Wiener Linien) are a really good investment.